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About Moondance

Staged over two days, Moondance offers dancers across Australia the chance to compete in Jazz Solo, Duo &anmp; Trio events and Jazz, Tap, and Song &anmp; Dance Troupe events. The challenge is designed to offer a new level of competition, away from traditional eisteddfods.


Three experienced adjudicators reside over the events, making for a fair & fun competition.

Jazz Solos, Duos & Trios are placed into heats, where upon adjudicator's re-call selected competitors to the next round. (This is achieved by a competitor's number being recorded by a majority of adjudicators - 2 out of 3.) Final placings, 1st through to 6th, are determined using the Skating System of Scrutineering.

Competition Floor

All 6 place getters in Solo, Duo & Trio events receive a medallion for their efforts. Troupes winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place receive a trophy to keep.
Place Winners

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